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MagiCal Playing Cards
A set of 54 personalized deck of cards complete with jokers in a gift box. Your recipients name is etched into the scenario on the back of the card. choose your art work from our wide portfolio of scenarios. Texas Holdem or Black Jack never been this personal!

MagiCal Coasters
Six personalized long lasting coasters, with your recipients name etched into different scenarios. A perfect gift or souvenir to bring home from sales and office meetings, seminars, trade shows and more. Your logo can be inserted into the image

MagiCal Memo Pad Box
This compact gift is much more then meets the eye.
When opened, it transforms into a personal memo pad container, complete with a personalized note pad and a utility slot
Your company logo will be fitted on the box.
Great gift for sales and office meetings, for valued clients and more

MagiCal Photo Frame
Personalized photo frame, create your own photo frame and keep your loved ones close to you Your company logo will be fitted onto the frame, choose from a selection of backgrounds or design your own.

Unique personalized Tote Bag
Deluxe personalized carrier Lamineted gloss art paper bag with thick handles.
Choose from our portfolio of scenarios, the recipients name is etched into the scenario. Your logo and company particulars can be inserted.
Size 13.5 by 3.5 by 9.0 inches.

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