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  • Question : Can I change the starting month on my calendar?
      Yes, you may select the starting month, and we will take care of the mechanics, all calendars contain 12 months.
  • Question : Can I add my company's logo the calendar?
      Yes, we can insert your company logo and particulars, please contact us for details.
  • Question : Why are MagiCals' innovations unique?
      All MagiCal innovations are personalized and produced on demand. These are personalized gifts that touch peoples' emotions. This is a gift that that expresses how you really feel about that person. They realize you did not buy this gift at the local gift shop, and that you ordered way in advance of the time it was intended.
  • Question : How many calendars must I purchase?
      We have no minimum order quantity, if you only need one, then that is your minimum order quantity.
  • Question : What method of payment should I use?
      You may pay by credit card or bank transfer, which ever is convenient for you.
  • Question : When will I receive my calendars?
      We usually print and ship orders within 14 working days.
  • Question : Do you have quantity pricing?
      Yes we do, and are happy to discuss this option with you.
  • Question : Can you print in other languages than English?
      Yes, we can print your calendars in all recognized languages, and some that are not so popular, such as Icelandic and Hebrew to mention a few.

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