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  • A little bit about us
      MagiCal4you is a division of Ilan Print Ltd. Our mission is to develop and market our digital personal touch business solutions. Our digital expertise and dynamic software applications allow us to deliver a standard of creativity in personal touch printed presentations, hitherto not available.
      There is no request or quantity too small for our digital print technology. Your "personal touch" presentation can be printed on paper, plastic, transparencies, in black and white or full color and combinations thereof.

  • MagiCal marketing
      MagiCal opens up a completely new dimension of marketing to you. Now, personalized communication has just become emotional. The technology employed by MagiCal for personalizing images allows you to speak individually to your customers and business partners in an exclusive and impacting way. With personalized MagiCal images in print you can gain maximum attention and popularity among recipients, and you can surprise and delight your customers with completely unique, individualized advertising material, communicating by the most personal means possible: with your customer's good name!

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